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Styria Vitalis' sponsorship project aims to bring together children of mentally ill parents with voluntary sponsors.

Mental illnesses are often very challenging for parents and especially their children. Through the voluntary sponsors, who spend time with the kids on a regular basis, the parents should get a little relief and also the children should be given the opportunity to simply be a child.

Since the project is very important to me personally, I did not hesitate and offered Styria Vitalis my support. Fortunately, I was able to convince Styria Vitalis to create a slightly more emotional instead of a purely informative explanatory video.

Character Design

Taking into account the topic of inclusion, the character design was deliberately abstract and clearly avoided the use of human skin tones and easily identifiable gender models.


In terms of typography, we opted for a playful yet legible font that conveyed information clearly. Stop-motion-like jiggling and wobbling and the use of pseudo-handdrawn highlights made the informative part of the video more fun to watch.


The color scheme took into account the overall funny and childlike mood of the animation while making it possible to distinguish the families and their sponsors.

If the mentorship project sounds interesting to you or if you know someone who knows someone, simply inform yourself at Styria Vitalis about the possibilities to participate.

Of course, any form of advertising for the project is also highly appreciated.


Styria Vitalis


Florian Mondl


Florian Mondl


Florian Mondl



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