Mental Health Emoticons

Mental illnesses are hardly an issue in our everyday lives. Unfortunately, they are still treated like a taboo. We don't talk about them, ignore their existence and lack concrete knowledge about them.

#darueberredenwir (i. e. WeTalkAboutThat) is an action by Viennas Psychosocial Service, starting the conversation without any prejudices. As part of the whole campaign, agency Pick & Barth designed several Emoticons themed after mental health related topics. I had the honor of bringing their illustrations to life and transform them into stickers to be used with messenger apps like Whatsapp, Signal or Telegram.

It's okay not to be okay… but please at least talk about it!

We aimed for maximum quality and scalability which is why I opted for Lottie instead of exporting compressed GIF files. The downside of this method is, that it does not support every effect After Effects has to offer. By sticking to the basics, redesigning some elements and animating frame by frame if necessary I was able to meet the technical guidelines whilst adhering the look of the initial design.

You can download them for Telegram or post them on Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp via Giphy using the tag #darüberredenwir



Commissioned by

Pick & Barth


Pick & Barth


Florian Mondl

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